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Browns have Bengals Hall of Fame OL Anthony Munoz, Bears Olin Kreutz at OTAs

Some Bengals fans might not believe their eyes when they see Hall of Fame OT Anthony Munoz in orange and brown during Cleveland Browns OTAs on Wednesday. Per Andrew Gribble of, Munoz and former Chicago Bears C Olin Kreutz were both “watching practice.” Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer went a step further, though, to label Munoz as a “guest coach.”

It’s an interesting wrinkle to see a former top-tier player opt to assist a team besides their own, just like the Oakland Raiders are doing with former Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson. With respect to Munoz, many Bengals fans were upset that he was forced to announce the Bengals’ selection of RB Joe Mixon at the end of April, given how well-liked Munoz is vs. how vilified Mixon is.

For now, Cincinnati’s loss is Cleveland’s game as far as tutelage goes. And the media also got a look at one present Hall of Famer (Munoz) talking to a sure future Hall of Famer (Joe Thomas).