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Free agent Justin Gilbert suspended for 4 games

Former Cleveland Browns 1st round pick suspended for the first four games of his 2017 season

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Former Cleveland Browns defensive back Justin Gilbert was suspended for four games by the NFL for an undisclosed reason, NFL Network’s Courtney Fallon reported.

Fallon’s colleague Ian Rapoport later chimed in that Gilbert was suspended, while not on a roster, for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Gilbert spent 12 games with the Browns in 2016 before being shipped to the Pittsburgh Steelers in exchange for a 2018 6th round pick.

One has to wonder whether the end is near for the former elite defensive prospect. Transitioning to the NFL hasn’t been easy mentally for the young man. In addition to falling short of developing into an even serviceable cornerback on the field, Gilbert has had issues waking up on time for meetings and was labeled a “loner” and “aloof” by former writer Kevin Jones.

He was generally “not liked” and “rubbed people the wrong way” because he has, or at least had at the time in Cleveland, an entitlement complex, per Jones.

If Gilbert does indeed run out of opportunities after this latest hiccup, it’ll result in yet another sad story for a recent Browns draft pick who quickly busted and washed out of the league.

It’s hard to say, given the team selecting the Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden tandem in 2012, but the Browns’ 2014 first round may end up being one of the worst of all time.