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New to The DBN Network - Straight, No Chaser and Farmfest Weather

The Youngest Contributor To The Network EVER Makes Her Debut

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My man Thelonius7 has finally made it back after spending several hours with me on day 1 of The DBN Network’s Most Important Draft Of Our Lifetimes 2017 coverage, to bring his unique insights into how the Browns conducted themselves during said recently completed draft.

However before that, he spends some time on the vindication of Sashi Brown and this front office overall as the offseason has played out. Before he even gets there, however, you get the greeting of his darling daughter, who is no-doubt on the fast track for broadcast stardom (she’s an exception to the three year-rule for talent evaluation - it’s a done deal). I would agree with her that you will find it all interesting and I’ll add, entertaining.

Not to be outdone, our brother Farmfest has checked in with his weekly (and in this case groggy) look at the national forecast:

Having done this Memorial Day, he was not especially concerned about the fine points, but the information is all there. At a point where he decided to take a break...well I had to go with an interlude about love and happiness. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Upon his return the history session ensues. Today we’re looking back at when the Brownies first entered the league in 1950, which I would consider to be required learning for those of y’all who don’t know.

As always, you can hear the ‘casts at the links above or below. Also if you are ever interested in hosting a program yourself contact me Please let the gents know what you think in the comments section below, and thanks for listening!