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Final tally of where Browns fans graded the team’s draft picks

After each of the Cleveland Browns’ ten draft picks, we wrote an article that included a poll for fans to grade each selection (A, B, C, D, or F). Some of the grades might be more reflective of impulse reactions after the selections, as opposed to how fans feel today -- for example, I think that the grade for SS Jabrill Peppers might be a little higher if I conducted a new poll today.

Nonetheless, here are how the picks were graded by fans from best to worst. Note that each pick was graded independent of the other — in other words, the fact that K Zane Gonzalez is second on the list does not necessarily mean that he is the team’s second-best pick.

For the purpose of the grading scale and computing a score, A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0.

  1. DE Myles Garrett = 3.82 ~ A
  2. K Zane Gonzalez = 3.63 ~ A-
  3. TE David Njoku = 3.21 ~ B+
  4. CB Howard Wilson = 3.00 ~ B
  5. OT Roderick Johnson = 2.98 ~ B
  6. QB DeShone Kizer = 2.93 ~ B
  7. DT Larry Ogunjobi = 2.92 ~ B
  8. RB Matthew Dayes = 2.55 ~ B-
  9. SS Jabrill Peppers = 2.52 ~ B-
  10. DL Caleb Brantley = 2.41 ~ C

In the spirit of the Kentucky Derby, you can also see who fans voted on for having the best odds of the best rookie season on the Browns.