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Philadelphia painted each of the Browns’ first-round NFL draft picks

The draft has been over for less than a week, but today I noticed some interesting art that came about from a partnership between the NFL and the Mural Arts of Philadelphia. According to CBS Philly, 16 artists were assigned to the first 32 picks of the NFL Draft. Whatever player’s name or team was called, they had to paint under pressure.

Felix St. Fort was assigned to No. 1 and drew DE Myles Garrett. Here are the beginning states of Garrett’s picture:

Hawk Krail was assigned to No. 25, where he got SS Jabrill Peppers. Coincidentally, Krail also had Ohio’s other team, the Cincinnati Bengals, at No. 9, so he got to paint both Ohio teams. Unfortunately, Peppers’ first name was misspelled in the painting.

Santiago Galeas was assigned to No. 29, where he painted TE David Njoku. Galeas told CBS Philly, “I heard about his story. He’s living the dream.”

You can see the full video below, and the finished paintings in the photo gallery. Which photos did you like the best?