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Joe Thomas wins again with funny popcorn photo at Cavs-Warriors game

One thing is for sure: having members of the Browns at The Q didn’t deliver bad karma.

No matter what happens in the Cavaliers-Warriors series, Cleveland fans can spend at least a couple of days rejoicing in the team’s historic Game 4 performance that saw them avoid a sweep and shatter several NBA Finals records.

Several affiliates of the Cleveland Browns were in attendance at the game, such as this reaction when he was shown eating popcorn on the jumbotron near the end of the second quarter:

After the game, Thomas continued the popcorn gag as he posted for a photo with Charles Barkley and the accompanying text, “Cavs in 7!”

Also, remember the guy who did the arm flex toward Curry last year?

Thomas found the guy and re-enacted the bit:

And lastly, he poked fun at the big Kevin Love head:

Thomas wasn’t the only person from the Browns in attendance. In the snapshot below, you can see head coach Hue Jackson, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, and right tackle Cameron Erving before the game:

Game 5 will be back at Oracle Arena this Monday.