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Report: NFL hires former Browns executive Dawn Aponte

The former Browns executive has risen to near the top of the league office.

According to Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal, the NFL has hired former Cleveland Browns executive Dawn Aponte as Chief Administration Officer of Football Operations.

Kaplan adds that this is a new position in the NFL, and that Aponte will report to Troy Vincent, the Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Aponte jointed the Browns in 2009 under the title of Vice President of Football Administration, where she worked on "player contract negotiations, salary cap management, player cost rebudgeting, league compliance, and other legal matters."

Among Cleveland fans, Aponte is probably most remembered for the "take it or leave it offer" she gave to Josh Cribbs during the Mike Holmgren era. It got to the point where Cribbs thought he would "never play a down again for the Browns." But in an odd twist, Aponte was traded to the Miami Dolphins, and a new deal with Cribbs was later arranged without her.

Also, if you watched the movie Draft Day, Jennifer Garner’s character was “loosely based on Aponte,” per the MMQB.