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Browns LT Joe Thomas Ranked No. 25 on the NFL's Top 100 List

Joe Thomas continues to make the NFL’s Top 100 list year after year, showing the respect he has from his peers (if you really believe they are voting on this).

“Unfortunately for Browns tackle Joe Thomas, winning hasn't come easy in Cleveland. Thomas has lost 112 times, but there's a good reason he's so high on the player's list.” -Narrator, NFL Top 100

Congratulations to Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, who was ranked at No. 25 on the list of the NFL's Top 100 Players of 2017. Keeping track of how Thomas’ ranking has fluctuated over the years, he was ranked No. 18 in 2014, No. 25 in 2015, No. 23 in 2016, and now back to No. 25 for 2017. That’s as stable as it gets.

The NFL's Top 100 list features the top one hundred players in the NFL, as chosen by fellow NFL players. However, many players have trashed the nature of the rankings, saying they have never voted on anything. Even J.J. Watt complained about the fact that he was ranked as high as he was (No. 35), although based on his comments, I have to wonder if Watt is confused and thinks this list highlights the Top 100 performances from 2016; the list is supposed to project the Top 100 players for the upcoming season.

The Browns had three players featured in 2015, two players featured in 2016, and now have just one player featured in 2017.

Thomas’ video package features a series of players touting his consecutive snaps steak and his technique:

Browns LB Christian Kirksey

"The thing about Joe Thomas is that he has played over 10,000 snaps and never missed a snap. Every time the Browns' offense is on the field, he's on the field too. That's crazy."

Bengals DT DeShawn Williams

"Man, he's a war daddy. He hasn't missed a game since he's been in the league. He hasn't missed no snaps -- nothing."

Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander

"When you face the best, I know I'm not going to get that many opportunities of him making a mistake for me to get to the quarterback. You've got to work to get in there [laughs], he's not going to just give it to you."

Packers DT Ricky Jean Francois

"He's a Hall of Fame left tackle. That kick he has -- he can kick back five yards in probably two or three kicks. I tried to rush him a few times just to get him off the edge, and he just won't break."

Packers OT David Bakhitari

"His stance is something that is unique. Look at his foot being back, his chest almost sitting on his knee. He's the kind of guy who almost has the shot put technique for pass sets. I would say that not a lot of guys have his type of stance."

Jaguars OT Branden Albert

"His technique -- if it was on a grading sheet, it'd probably be a 99.1."