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Next Up On The DBN Network: Straight, No Chaser

Thelonius7 Is Becoming A Regular Feature

Back again already on The DBN Network is Thelonius7’s Straight, No Chaser. Once again Thelonius combines the dulcet tones, jazzy demeanor and deep insight into the state of our beloved Browns.

In this week’s installment, items covered range from:

  • Discussion of the recently completed NBA Finals, during which the Cavaliers unfortunately came up short.
  • A deep and abiding hatred of the Golden State Warriors
  • Expectations, and what should be considered reasonable for 2017
  • He then goes into his love for soccer (nobody’s perfect) with Mainz 05
  • Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool connection to Cleveland.

Also, there’s bound to be stuff in there about the Browns. It’s always good and I hope you enjoy it. As always you can hear by going to the player either above or below. If you’d ever like to do your own show, hit me up at, and of course let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Thanks for listening!