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Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Does It 061817

Moar Content! Ez drones on about the Sunday Article, etc.

Once more I am honored to be able to provide my latest installment of broadcast mediocrity as the latest of Ez Does It is now available for your listening enjoyment. This week covered a multitude of items, including (but not limited to):

  • Myles Garrett’s injury and lack of need to get concerned about it, yet
  • Other (minor) mini-camp recap items
  • On Todays Ez Like Sunday Morning paradox article and explaining the thought process behind the exercise
  • Spent a little length of time discussing the actual value of SEMTEX, about which you may already have some familiarity.
  • On Tanking, and as it was discussed in some detail this last week both by Robo Dawg and Thelonius7
  • Then later, answering a sentiment laid out by Thelonius, about the network and our roles in it.

Also teases a new contributor, gives the new motto/slogan, and does all of it from a new device, which he also discusses. He doesn’t spend a great deal of time, however, referring to himself in the third-person...

Enjoy, and you can hear it either at the link above or below. As always, if you’d ever like to try this out yourself simply hit me up:

Thanks for listening!