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The other connection between Calvin Pryor, Demario Davis, and Josh McCown

When the Cleveland Browns signed Demario Davis in 2016, a fun fact was that he was the player who delivered the final blow to former Browns QB Josh McCown on this memorable play in 2015. Davis’ hit caused McCown to go full helicopter mode, and also likely caused a concussion...but he wasn’t the only defender involved in the play.

If you watch closely, a defender initially goes low on McCown, which jars the football loose. That defender was Calvin Pryor, who the Browns acquired from the Jets in exchange for Davis earlier this week. McCown is also now the starting quarterback for the Jets.

If that connection wasn’t interesting enough, here is another one. To fill the void at safety left by Pryor’s departure, the Jets signed safety Shamarko Thomas. Thomas was always a contentious name among Browns fans, because he was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2013 with a pick that Cleveland traded to Pittsburgh (a fourth rounder).

Digging deeper into the chain of events, Cleveland acquired a third round pick in 2014 from the Steelers in that Thomas deal. In 2014, the Browns used that third round pick to move up from No. 26 to No. 22 to select quarterback Johnny Manziel. The reason the Browns had No. 26 in the first place was via the trade the Browns had made with Colts GM Ryan Grigson in 2013 for running back Trent Richardson. And now, Grigson works for the Browns as a super scout.

After reading all that, your head should be spinning as much as McCown’s was that opening game of 2015.