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Next Up On The DBN Network: Straight, No Chaser 6/21/18

Thelonius Is Melodius As He Talks Browns, And Other Things

Once again our good friend Thelonius7 has provided some fresh content for the network, and I hope you’ll give him a hear of his program, Straight, No Chaser. This week, he expands further on some items from the previous ‘casts as well as introduces quite a few more:

  • The offseason has been pretty gratifying… Fun… satisfying… enjoyable… statiating… agreeable…
  • Is there a better team to follow in the offseason than the Cleveland Browns?
  • What could have made it better? Terrelle Pryor? Getting a Real Free Safety in free agency… Tony Jefferson… they are still fighting with the ghosts of 1-15
  • Free Agency
  • Draft
  • Wrapping up OTA’s and Minicamp… Heading into the ‘Dead season’.
  • You would really like to be able to make an accurate projection; you know who this team is… and what they are trying to do, but...
  • Identity
  • This is a big, physical team, that is trying to win games at the point of attack.
  • 5 Big questions headed into the empty and desolate portion of the Football-calendar: 5.) RT 4.) WR 3.) LB 2.) FS 1.) QB
  • Can Shon Coleman emerge as a starting RT? He is a mauler that would spell trouble for other squads in the AFC North.
  • The line overall has a lot of moving parts and new faces. The more stability the better.
  • Very telling about this organization’s ability to project, draft and develop players.
  • Will Ricardo Louis actually strike fear in opposing DBs?
  • Will Joe steal the show? Or is it going to be a young upstart? Olugbode? Has some buzz… Hassan Reddick… the skillset is BJ Bello…
  • Is there going to be a Free Safety? Ed Reynolds?
  • Kizer running with the ones really No big deal?
  • If you look at what happened last year Kess =Kizer
  • Much different than last year, Kessler isn’t getting RG3 love…
  • Kessler’s ceiling is Dalton
  • Reports are that the wily veteran is outplaying the presumed starter.

There’s more, but at this point just listen. Enjoy Thelonius’ Minicamp Wrapper, and let him know what you think (he really does appreciate it, as do I) in the comments section below. Of course to hear the show just click the link above or below, and as always if you’re interested in doing your own thing on The DBN Network, we’re always looking for new talent and all you have to do is hit me up

Thanks for listening!