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PFF predicts 2017 season outcomes, leading to Browns’ projected 4-12 record

Browns fans will still need to be patient in 2017.

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This week at Pro Football Focus, they “projected the quality of each team” and then used that measurement to predict the outcome of all 256 regular-season games. Here is their article on the NFC projections, and then the AFC projections.

The results seem to be a bit normalized — for example, you don’t see any predictions of more than 12 wins, and although the Jets are predicted to be the worst team at 2-14, no other team is projected to have less than four wins, despite the fact that four teams in the NFL achieved that futility in 2016. Presently, PFF has the Browns finishing with a 4-12 record:

15. Cleveland Browns (4-12) - The Browns spent the last few months assembling one of the best offensive lines on paper, adding the best player in the draft in Myles Garrett, and acquiring new starters at multiple positions. Garrett had 50 pressures when lined up on the defenses right side at Texas A&M last year, which was fourth-most for FBS defensive ends. Everything points to things going in the right direction, but with so many new players who lack chemistry together yet, it might not be until 2018 that they can fight for the division or a wild card spot.

Perhaps the most stunning prediction to see in writing is the Denver Broncos at 6-10. Despite them missing the playoffs last year, it's hard to think of them finishing so low. That is a tough division they play in, though.

When it comes to the AFC North, PFF only has one team finishing above .500, with that being the Pittsburgh Steelers at 11-5. The Bengals and Ravens are each pegged at 7-9.