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DBN Training Camp Coverage Schedule

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Our training camp preview for the Cleveland Browns will run through the next month.

Every year, our training camp preview for the Cleveland Browns here at Dawgs By Nature begins about a month before training camp is set to commence. We will go through each position on the team, which includes a brief overview of all 90 players who are currently on the roster.

This is the general coverage schedule that we will try to abide by:

Part 1: Offensive Attack

  • Quarterback (June 25 to June 26)
  • Running Back (June 27 to June 29)

Part 2: Down in the Trenches

  • Defensive Line (June 30 - July 2)
  • Offensive Line (July 3 - July 6)

Part 3: See Ball, Catch Ball...and Block

  • Wide Receiver (July 7 - July 9)
  • Tight End (July 10 - July 11)

Part 4: Hard Hitting and Klutch Kicks

  • Linebacker (July 12 - July 14)
  • Special Teams (July 15 - July 16)

Part 5: Cover the Field

  • Safety (July 17 - July 19)
  • Cornerback (July 20 - July 22)

Part 6: Pre-Camp Huddle

  • Wrapping everything together before training camp starts, including more roster projections and other special features to get you ready for training camp. (July 23 - July 26)

Part 7 Onward: Training Camp Begins

Training camp begins July 27th and will run through August 17th, leading up to the start of the 2017 NFL season.