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Chomps featured at the 2017 Mascot Games

The Browns’ mascot defends his team’s honor.

Have you ever heard of the Mascot Games? Per the website of the festivities, it “feature mascots from sports teams across the country competing in a variety of zany games,” with more than 18,000 fans enjoy “thrilling and crazy competition” between mascots from MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, ECHL and NCAA.

The 2017 Mascot Games wrapped up last week at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, taking place from June 23-24. The tie-in to the Cleveland Browns is that Chomps participated in the event on the Green Team, where he was part of the Day 1 victors:

Chomps didn’t just stand by idly -- he did his part in taking out the competition, as you can see below in the game of joust.

Unfortunately, dancing was not quite Chomps’ specialty:

Nor was his pickup game:

Would this be something you could see yourself taking your kids to?