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Brand New To The DBN Network - Absolute Browns, with Darth Batman

He’s been several shows, and now he’s got his own

Happy beyond words to express our excitement to be announcing brand spankin’ new content on The DBN Network, as the one, the only (thank God) Darth_Batman debuts his show: Absolute Browns

As with all our programming, it’s not going to sound like anything else you’ve heard. Darth has a little bit different background than many of us whom have followed these r(orange) helmets our entire lives, as he came to the Browns by choice and as an adult (well, in a manner of speaking).

I have quite a bit of fun with ‘ol Darth-man but in reality, you (like me) are probably going to be surprised at just how talented he is. Among the items he opens up this new era with:

  • An introduction to the program and what the grand vision of it is moving forward
  • How he went from being a cheese-head to a dawg ‘pounder
  • Kickers, the epic battle of legs
  • The best moves we made this offseason, and why
  • His frustrations with the erstwhile Ray Horton

All that and plenty more, available at the link above and below. Please give him a warm welcome by letting him know what you think in the comments’ section below. As always, if you feel like you can do this - that means that you can, and all you need to do is send me a note:

Thanks for listening!

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