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SB Nation Reacts: What fans thought of the Browns (2017 NFL Draft Edition)

Here’s how fans across SB Nation reacted to the Browns 2017 draft picks & trades on Day 1 of the draft.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Cleveland Indians
2017 first round picks David Njoku, left, Jabrill Peppers, center and Myles Garrett appeared at Progressive Field on April 28th, 2017
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve always thought an occasional look at how other fans have reacted to Cleveland Browns’ moves across SB Nation would be an entertaining read here. This idea is inspired by the usually-interesting Trolling the Nation articles that appear on Blogging the Boys

For this first edition, I’ve taken a look at how fans reacted in real time in draft threads for Day 1 for a few sites that tend to be fairly active. While there is a few “lol browns” type of remarks, there’s far more respect for the choices the Browns made on draft day.

All fan comments are taken directly from the open threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated. The presence of “/” indicates a carriage return within the comment. Bold text is the subject line.


With the first pick in the NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select / Patrick Towles, QB, Boston College” - Posted by SteelAlive

If Cleveland goes Watson, then they're the same old Browns” - Posted by Arseejee

The Cleveland Browns are becoming the 76ers of the NFL / Trust the process... Trade for all the picks!!!” - Posted by Arseejee

Browns.... / Their front office is the s---” - Posted by Renegade

Peppers to the Browns / Ugh” - Posted by

If the Steelers pick Kizer, I will become a Browns fan!!!!!!” - Posted by Arseejee

The Browns draft Jabrill Peppers, who supposedly can play every position, which is good because they may need to start him at every position” - Posted by ptysteelers

Njoku” - Posted by Toronto Steeler Fan

Njoku gone to cleveland / damn all of a sudden they are bringing their s--- together” - Posted by ptysteelers

Cleveland / Swerved us again. They're quietly having a nice little draft.” - Posted by jdrau57


"My wife just said the Browns are gonna take a QB first bc they are stupid / Verbatium” - Posted by Vasilis Lericos

damn the Browns are going to be balls deep in 1st round picks” - Posted by william.alexander.carter

Peppers / to the Browns. I'll never forget” - Posted by concretejimmy52


Here’s a preemptive LOLBrowns” - Posted by RDreamer

They want all the f—ing picks / its actually brilliant, they’re bound to get a decent player if they draft them all” - Posted by AlzadoKnows

Dude the Browns are getting ridiculous with all these picks / very shrewd moves.” - Posted by TheDudeAbides138

Is Cleveland slowly turning into a good team before our eyes??” - Posted by BlackFreighterRaider


bro I'm so happy Njoku didn't go Giants or Cowboys / I get to root for him and in two years the browns will stupidly trade him to us for a 5th round pick (puts the pipe down)” - Posted by dawks4presidente

Bears are the new Browns / That trade was idiotic, and I'm pretty doubtful on Trubisky. Browns got a haul - Garrett, Peppers, Njoku. And they have a ton of picks to go, this year and next year.” - Posted by HTXEaglesFan

Da bears / Bears somehow out-browned the browns by trading up one spot for a bad quarterback that wasn't going to be selected before them by anyone. Smart.” - Posted by EMAC1276

"(reply to: if Carson Wentz makes the leap this year... Sashi Brown should be fired) / wtf lol / should every GM needing a QB be retroactively fired for passing on Russell Wilson? / The Browns made that decision without the benefit of hindsight / their team was a dumpster fire and they needed as much talent as possible.” - Posted by Khalid Shabazz

“I thought the Browns played this perfectly. Obviously there are non-believers in Peppers, but thats not the point. They took the best player in the draft at 1, traded down from 12 to add a first round pick next year and get a safety, which was a huge need, that is also a leader and can help in multiple spots, and then traded back up in to the first round to get the 2nd best TE in the draft.” - Posted by inferno307