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Browns players take part in media day at OTAs

Before Cleveland’s players get on the field for their final set of OTA sessions, they filmed some promotional material to be used by the team in 2017.

If you’ve been to FirstEnergy Stadium over the past few years, I’m sure you’re familiar with the hype videos that are played over the big screens at certain points of the game — it might be on a big third down play, or near a two-minute warning. In the game I went to last year, the one that stood out was NT Danny Shelton asking the Dawg Pound to get loud, along with a yell of his own. It was one of those things at the time that kind of adds to the embarrassment of the season, with the Browns having been winless at the time and in the midst of blowing a big lead to the New York Jets.

Nonetheless, according to the Browns’ Twitter feed, today was “media” day of OTAs. That doesn’t refer to the local media, but rather the type of media that Cleveland can use for video and stadium packages, as well as various other media features that arise.

First, here is CB Joe Haden in statue mode as a platform rotates 360 degrees.

And then, LT Joe Thomas awaited his turn:

Regarding what I said about Shelton earlier, they had LB Chris Kirksey doing that spot for 2017:

And lastly, we have DE Myles Garrett with the dramatic but confident staredown: