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Highlighting the NFL equivalent of talking smack after a layup

Can the Cavs end up making Steph Curry and the Warriors pay?

During Game 2 of Sunday night’s NBA Finals game, Steph Curry made a highlight-reel player against LeBron James...who that featured an obvious double dribble that wasn’t called, as you can see below.

You can also see Curry talking smack afterward, which forced DBN’s Matt Wood to ask on Twitter, “what is the NFL equivalent of talking smack after a layup?” We ended up getting a bunch of responses, so let’s take a look at the best of them:

My dreaded memory goes back to when the Browns were down like 30-0 in a game a long time ago, and then after a blocked punt for a touchdown, Andre King celebrated like we just won the Super Bowl. To an extent, Chris Tabor celebrating after a Marlon Moore blocked punt a couple years ago was embarrassing too, considering no one tried to actually score the ball after the block.

I don’t know any Cavs fans that Curry’s demeanor does not constantly grind on. There is one way it could be worse: