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Browns reportedly have “expressed some interest” in WR Jeremy Maclin

The recently-released receiver could be looking at Cleveland after visits to Buffalo and Baltimore.

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images

After the Kansas City Chiefs released WR Jeremy Maclin last week, it became a big headline in the NFL at a time when big roster moves usually don’t happen (although the June 1st cap decisions do play a factor). At the time, DBN’s Mike Hoag suggested that, like he did with veteran CB Jason McCourty, LB Jamie Collins should try to play a role in luring Maclin to Cleveland.

While Collins might not ultimately attempt anything when it comes to Maclin, we do have one of our first reports loosely connecting the Browns to the prized free agent receiver. ESPN’s Adam Schefter first reported that Maclin is visiting with the Buffalo Bills, and if he leaves there without a deal, the Baltimore Ravens are next up on his itinerary. After that, one of Schefter’s colleagues from ESPN, Mike Rodak, relayed that both Philadelphia and Cleveland have “expressed some interest” in Maclin:

Whether Maclin’s camp is interested in Cleveland is something that is entirely player-dependent. We saw a case with McCourty in which he largely seemed to choose Cleveland, but we also saw a guy like SS Tony Jefferson willingly take less money to play in Baltimore. The fact that Cleveland has some level of interest means this is something we’ll be following closely over the next couple of days. The Browns still have plenty of cap room and have one of the least-proven/reputable wide receiver groups in the NFL, in my opinion.