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Browns’ staff volunteers to support CMSD with equipment, helmets, and more

Tuesday morning, the Cleveland Browns hosted their first-ever “Browns Summer Volunteer Blitz” across the street from their headquarters in Berea. 129 staff volunteers from the Browns combined to help give back to, in large part, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD).

Per Rob McBurnett, a Senior Manager of Communications with the Browns, one of the tasks involved preparing 224 helmets to be given to CMSD and Cleveland MUNY football.

In the photo montage below, you’ll see volunteers working to assemble orange benches. Per the Browns, there are 16 benches in total that will be used by “athletes and coaches at CMSD schools, as well as individuals, coaches and programs in the local community.”

You can also see a line of workers assembling 500 “Special Teams Packages” for CMSD students. These packages are intended to “help eliminate barriers that may keep them from attending school as an extension of the ‘Get 2 School, You Can Make It!’ attendance campaign.”

And here is the final photo montage, posted from the Browns’ Twitter feed. There are more shots of the helmets and benches, but you’ll also see some chairs and bookshelves being assembled. Per the Browns, there are 100 book shelves, 50 rocking chairs and 44 high-top tables CMSD to “encourage attendance and support the ‘Get 2 School, You Can Make It!’ campaign.”

Much of this will also continue to benefit the high-quality synthetic turf that five CMSD schools either have already received, or will receive in 2017. The groundbreaking for John Marshall’s field at 3952 W. 140th Street in Cleveland is scheduled for today at 2:45 PM, and 21 members of the Browns’ 2017 rookie class are expected to be in attendance.