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Next Up On The DBN Network: Straight, No Chaser

Thelonius7 is back at it with a brand new episode

This Program Is Called: The Wizard Of Os

Once again The DBN Network proudly presents Thelonius7 and his jazzy musings in this week’s edition of Straight, No Chaser. As always Thelonius is smooth and deliberate, and other than a bit of scratchiness from the choose of under-bed (always a bold choice) and actually even with it, very easy on the ears.

Among many items, the overall view is on the job done so far by the front office, which really has been quite remarkable (and I happen to agree with him on this front). However with all the different moves and deals Sashi and team have made happen, none are more impressive than what they have done to the Houston Texans. Again, hard to disagreeb.

Later on gets into Brock Osweiler, and how maybe he wasn’t just a throw-in on the trade. Also keys in on some of the lesser-known players on defense and how linebacker looks now with the loss of Demario Davis, as well as what the secondary looks like now with Calvin Pryor (cough, cough).

Big picture is all about the way the roster is being built overall, the reason for optimism - with an wide eye towards reality.

Let him know what you think at the link below, and thanks for listening!