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SB Nation Reacts: The Brock Osweiler trade

Here’s how fans across SB Nation reacted to the Browns’ trade for Brock Osweiler

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans
Brock Osweiler scrambles in the AFC Wild Card game on Jan 7, 2017, against the Oakland Raiders
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After the first edition of SB Nation Reacts was well-received, I’ve gone back and taken a look at the Brock Osweiler deal for a 2nd edition. Enjoy!

All fan comments are taken directly from the open threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated. The presence of “/” indicates a carriage return within the comment. Bold text is the subject line.


CLEVELAND ROCKS! / I’m sure they’re doing this just to drum up good feels for texans fans. Cleveland is the new new york. Texans fans will vacation in Cleveland now because of the happies.” - Posted by Bennyscrap

It's hard to remember a time when it was so completely obvious that a huge mistake had been made with little to no chance at improvement after only one year.” - Posted by Big TW

“get off the browns. It was a smart move. They were never gonna get enough players to use their cap space.” - Posted by Michael 2k

Brock Osweiler. 2017 MVP. Browns, Super Bowl Champions. / #houstontexans” - Posted by gpargentina

“Plus an extra pick in this years draft / remember, it’s Cleveland’s 4th, which is essentially a 3rd round compensatory pick.” - Posted by Michael 2k

the 4th is this year, and it's Browns 4th. The best kind of 4th.” - Posted by mcguirk44

O'brien and Rick Smith using the Belichick form of punishment for bad players. / Ship him to the Browns! ” - Posted by Greatheart99

Erect a statue of Rick Smith in front of NRG Stadium. / Hell, rename the building after him. And thank the deity of your choosing for the Browns, always there to be counted on to do dumb ass Browns things.” - Posted by Stupendous Man


"Like I said in the other thread - very creative trade by the Browns GM / There is no question they have the capital to make a big play for Jimmy G.” - Posted by Patriotic Chief

hilarious how the Browns try to deal GOATweiler now / reminds me of street vendors in NYC. "I make u good deal, half price, real Rolex watch, real watch, I give u two for one, looks 100% real, trust me"” - Posted by game changer

Browns on a roll / Offensive line signed. Massive draft picks. Missing one piece.” - Posted by NFL1818

Seems like they were pretty much preparing for a new QB (hint: Jimmy G) to come in with everything already set in stone” - Posted by PAT Terrific


To the BROWNS no less / Aka purgatory for professionals.” - Posted by LarryBoy

“16mm is a lot to pay for a 2nd round pick. Browns are dumb. Those guys way overvalue draft picks.” - Posted by McGeorge

Pats are going to fleece them / They should be shopping him to teams that might be desperate at the QB position – Jets or Redskins, and have GMs who are known to be in the hot seat.” - Posted by DelandDoan

Browns have 106M in cap space to spend. 16M is nothing to them” - Posted by Scotty Payne

“That’s pretty much win-win for the Browns no matter how you look at it. It’s such a deft move, that I immediately got suspicious that I wasn’t being pranked or April Fools day hadn’t come early or something.” - Posted by LarryBoy


Right / This could actually be an extremely smart move by the Browns. I feel so strange saying that.” - Posted by Bantastic

And this is why / They can’t have nice things in Cleveland. Suckers.” - Posted by Crusty Sergeant Major

So $16M for a future 2nd round draft pick is a good deal? / No. No its isn’t.” - Posted by Crusty Sergeant Major