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Next Up On The DBN Network - Ez Doez It 7/15/17

Ez Goes Far Down Memory Lane

In the interest of pursuing the perpetual effort of providing you people with quality(ish) info-tainment with respect to our beloved (r)orange helmets. As we are in what is usually thought of as the “doldrums”, I was planning on talking about the 53 man roster, which will be the subject of tomorrow’s article. However, instead I got side tracked (and then side-tracked within the side-track) along the way discussed:

  • Mike Hoag being a really good guy.
  • Always wanting more people to join the network
  • Thank you to Darth, Thelonius and BBB
  • Any coard-cutters out there?
  • The Fourth Annual Tecmo Bowl Classic
  • Preview of my big Fantasy Article next week

However more than anything, I spent some time recanting my life as a Browns’ fan, for the benefit of some of y’all that don’t know me. Incidentally, here is the link to the last game at the old stadium article, the bottlegate article, and the Earnest Byner article - at least one of which was referenced. Here is a link for SEMTEX.

Those that are into the TECMO idea let me know below - and also any other comments you got. Thanks for listening!