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A glimpse at the Browns’ new 1,250-seat grandstand for fans in Berea

Finding a good view at Cleveland Browns training camp just got a whole lot simpler!

Back in June, the Cleveland Browns announced that there would be an updated training camp field layout in Berea this year twice as many seats as previous years, and a 1,250 seat grandstand with an awning to provide shade and a "standing-room area at the top."

Since then, we haven’t been able to catch a glimpse of what the structures or field layouts may entail. However, in a post on Twitter by Browns mascot Chomps on Monday, take a look at what is in the background:

For perspective if you’ve been to training camp before, the “entrance” from Beech Street should be just to the right of the top right portion of the photo (all the way against the Browns signage in the back). You can see a larger-than-usual bleacher in that area, but it looks like the 1,250-seat structure is just behind Chomps. There appears to be room for a standing room area on the top row, as described by the Browns. The only thing missing is the awning, but that will presumably be installed before Thursday.

Beyond the structure appears to be the two-story VIP tent from past years. I’ll be really curious to see how the field alignment has changed as a result of the expanded seating, but this is a welcome sight in itself!

In other Berea-related news, you can see a portion of the team’s renovated entrance way in the front:

The new front door in Berea is looking

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You can compare that to how it looked last year via Google Maps: