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Watch Browns QB DeShone Kizer react to his Madden NFL 18 rating

His overall rating falls in line with where other rookie quarterbacks were drafted.

EA Sports is getting ready to unveil player ratings for Madden NFL 18, and they started the process on Tuesday with a video that included select rookies, including QB DeShone Kizer of the Cleveland Browns.

Players first guessed their overall rating and several ratings in certain categories. Once the actual ratings were revealed to them, the players reacted with some emojis (a bit silly -- I know).

Kizer predicted he would have an overall rating of 70, but he actually got a litter higher of a rating at 74. Here is how he grades in other categories, per the video:

Speed: 78
Strength: 71
Agility: 81
Short Accuracy: 81
Juke: 79

To compare, Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky, taken No. 2 overall, received an overall rating of 76. QB DeShaun Watson, taken No. 12 overall by the Texans, got a 75. QB Davis Webb, taken by the Giants in the 3rd round, got a 72.