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Cleveland Browns podcast: DBN Network talks first day of training camp

If y’all can see it, hopefully the ref can see it”

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Our brother Thelonius7 emerges to provide some first hand insights about day 1 of training camp [listen to audio here or in the player above]. He was also kind enough to provide some video of the experience, which is just below. First, while the show itself is not lengthy, it does contain some nice first hand accounts:

  • Myles Garrett is every bit the beast everyone thinks he is
  • Kessler ultimately appears to be the #1
  • Impressive marks for Ibraheim Campbell, who apparently has spent every waking moment of the offseason in the gym
  • Similar high marks for Derek Kindred, and those two may be your safeties
  • Calvin Pryor underwhelmed
  • Corey Coleman is the fastest man on the field, and looks ready to light things up

Also, there’s an unidentified fellow offering similar analysis of proceedings today along for the ride (literally), and I think you’ll find it worthwhile.

Now, some video:


Here you see a little motion pre snap, then play fake, boot, and tight throw to the sideline:


Here you see the best player in the draft being a dominant force on the EDGE:

More Myles

After the practice, some of the players were signing autographs, and our star rookie comes over:

Hear the recap by clicking the link at the top or bottom. Let Thelonius know what you think in the comments’ section below, and thanks for listening!