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Shelton Admits Complacency - Vows to Dominate in 2017

Danny Shelton admits to becoming complacent last year, however returns to training camp rejuvenated ready to dominate all year long.

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Training Camp Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

In the morning press conferences today, Danny Shelton made a startling admission - that he became complacent as the 1-15 season progressed. While most believe that 2016 was a breakout year for Shelton, he admitted to letting his body go a bit towards the end of the season.

“Towards the middle to end of the season, I got distracted and didn’t focus on taking care of my body and didn’t have that dominating mindset.”

It may be remembered that his biggest challenge entering the season last year was to come in at lower weight with a greater level of fitness. When asked if there was a similar shift in fitness this year, Shelton said the most significant adjustment heading into the season is that he is more mentally prepared than year’s past.

After spending the 2017 offseason working out in Hawaii, Samoa and Washington, Shelton has his sites set on the Pro Bowl this season. He made clear that he feels like he needs to take a greater leadership role in this football team. In case you wonder how Shelton views leadership, he tells you explicitly here: