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Which 5 current Cleveland sports figures have the most star power?

Yes, we are literally ripping this idea from 92.3 the Fan.

This morning on 92.3 the Fan, Anthony Lima and Mike Bormann (filling in for Ken Carman) ran a segment in which they discussed their Top 5 lists of current Cleveland sports figures who have the most star power.

The criteria of what constitutes “star power” is up to you. For this exercise, give us your true thoughts on Cleveland sports in general — in other words, do not think to yourself, “I think LeBron is the biggest star by far, but because I’m a bigger Browns fan, I’m putting Joe Thomas and Joe Haden ahead of him.” If there aren’t any Browns on your list, then that is fine. I am actually thinking of doing a separate post that focuses specifically on Browns star-power in the next day or two.

Keep in mind that you can pick from any sport, including MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MMA, WWE, etc. The sports figure has to be current, though, so do not pick someone like Bernie Kosar or Jim Brown. On 92.3 the Fan, they started stretching things a little bit by including the current head coaches and/or owners in the list. I’m not sure I care for including them, but for the sake of discussion, I’ll allow them to be included as well.

I will refrain from posting my own list until a few comments come in, so that I don’t influence anyone. I recommend you think of your Top 5 before reading any comments, so that we get a true representation of what your initial instincts told you.

UPDATE: Your list should be ranked in order.