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It looks like Myles Garrett will indeed be ready for Browns training camp

In a workout video, Cleveland’s first overall pick demonstrates that his foot is just fine.

After Cleveland Browns minicamp ended in mid-June, the Browns said that first overall pick Myles Garrett would be ready for the start of training camp despite having a lateral foot sprain. The last time we had seen Garrett, he was seen by a fan in a walking boot at the airport.

Back on Wednesday, a fan asked Garrett on Twitter how his left foot was doing. Surprisingly, Garrett responded not just with a standard response, but with a video showing him leg pressing a ridiculous amount of weight:

Impressive! Just how much weight was Garrett leg pressing? For that, we turn to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, who got the answer from either Garrett himself or one of his representatives:

On Friday, the Beacon Journal reached out to Garrett through one of his former Texas A&M University coaches and learned the No. 1 overall pick in this year's draft had 1,200 pounds on the leg-press machine and the workout partner from the video weighs about 235 pounds. ... So Garrett lifted about 1,435 pounds four times and used the footage to show the world his left foot could withstand the pressure.

Granted, the video doesn’t mean Garrett is 100 percent, as something could still be in pain when it comes to lateral quickness. But, given the fact that he’s willing to lift about 1,500 pounds several times, it looks like being ready for the start of training camp later this month won’t be an issue for him.