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Recap of Joe Thomas’ performance on Celebrity Family Feud

Did the Cleveland Browns’ left tackle represent his team proud on the national stage?

Joe Thomas appeared on Celebrity Family Feud on Sunday, as we mentioned earlier in the day. Below is a recap of how things went down for the Browns left tackle as well as the rest of his team.

When it came time for the NFLPA team to be introduced, Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell introduced his four teammates. He called out the positions or a compliment for everyone on the team except Thomas, who he simply acknowledged as being a member of the Cleveland Browns.

The first fast money question pitted Bell against Marshall Faulk, and the question was:

“We asked 100 men -- you’re home alone, and the doorbell rings. It’s a naked lady. What do you do?”

Bell buzzed in first and said, “Get her [phone] number,” which Steve Harvey laughed at the absurdity of that because she’s already there. The legends got a chance to steal, and got the No. 1 answer with, “Invite her in.”

When the legends got two strikes and the NFLPA team huddled for the potential chance to steal, it’s worth noting that everyone seemed to turn to Thomas for counsel.

The Legends got three strikes, giving the NFLPA team a chance to steal. They suggested, “Don’t answer the door,” to which Harvey again poked fun at, bringing up the context of the question -- “How the hell would we know she’s naked then?” (Although the team wisely mentioned peepholes). Strike.

The Legends team got the points. The question and answers were all pretty stupid, as both teams were perplexed as the remaining answers were unveiled.

The next question was pretty stupid as well. “When going on a date, name a vegetable that Johnny Green Giant might put in his shorts.” DeAndre Hopkins buzzed in first with zucchini, which was the No. 6 answer. Andre Reed was next with peas, which for some stupid reason was the No. 4 answer.

The NFLPA later had a chance to steal again. With 5 of the top 7 answers off the board, they said “broccoli,” and it was the No. 7 answer to allow them to take a 71-69 lead.

With double the points in round three, the question was, “Name a good place to go when you want to cry.” Patrick Peterson rang in first with “bathroom,” which was the No. 2 answer. The NFLPA then got a chance to play, and Thomas was up for his chance to shine! He answered with “the bedroom,” which was the No. 1 answer! The NFLPA won that round to take a 229-69 lead. If you’ve ever watched Family Feud, though, the last round is pretty much what counts.

This time, fast money came down to Thomas vs. Anthony Munoz. The question was, “Name something a dog does outdoors that you might also see a man do outdoors.” Munoz was a hair quicker on the trigger and got it right with “restroom.” After three strikes, the NFLPA got a chance to steal with the entire game riding on one answer. With only four choices and “restroom, run/walk, and scratch” already off the board, they guessed, “taking a nap.” Unfortunately, they got the big “X” and lost 327-229.

The final answer, by the way, was “dig holes,” which Thomas couldn’t believe:

The Legends ended up getting the $25,000 for their charity. I did get a kick out of the fact that Thomas’ suit fit right in with the other Legends, as if he knows where he belongs.