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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Straight No Chaser From Training Camp 7/31/17

More Perspective From Our Man Thelonius7

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Training camp is in full swing, and for the second time in a week our brother Thelonius7 takes in the session with his brother, and they both give their thoughts on the activities observed from practice on 7/31:

  • Impressions of the training Camp facilities
  • The timing/pace of Hue’s practice schedule
  • Cod’s still holding the ball too long
  • Lobster may be inching ahead
  • Kizer may be feeling the heat
  • Nobody wants Brock to start, but he may be the one that gives us the best chance to win
  • We need to start winning
  • The new HB Brandon Wilds runs tough
  • Ricardo Louis getting better
  • Higgins showing up as well
  • Njoku made catch of the day
  • Njoku also had another drop
  • Haden looking good
  • Subway

To listen you, and hit up the link above or below, or just go here. He also got some new footage:

In the last episode he discussed the new swoleness of Ibraheim Campbell, here’s a look:

Let us know what you think in the comments’ section below, and as always if you’d like to participate in what we do at The DBN Network, hit me up at

Thanks for listening!