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Browns Training Camp 2017: Day 12 Clips and Quips

Quotes from Hue Jackson, DL Nate Orchard, WR Jordan Payton and OL JC Tretter.

Erik Drost

With one preseason game, one scrimmage and 11 practices already complete, the 12th day of Cleveland Browns training camp happened on Saturday, and you can find our full Day 12 recap here. Let’s check out what Hue Jackson, Nate Orchard, Jordan Payton and JC Tretter had to say.

Hue Jackson

  • Coach Jackson wasn’t happy after practice on Saturday, so much so that he ended his post-practice media availability less than two minutes into the questioning. Our practice report touched on why he was in a bad mood: penalties and interceptions.
  • The final question that Jackson answered was about WR Corey Coleman making a few nice catches in practice today, and Hue’s demeanor really wasn’t even upbeat about that:

“He needs to. He has got to keep getting better. That’s what he is doing. He is working hard and trying to get better.”

  • The media clearly wasn’t going to get much out of Jackson on Saturday, but don’t expect that to become a pattern. So, let’s move on to what the players said before practice.

Nate Orchard

  • How does he see his Saints game performance and what did coaches had to say about it?

“Me personally, just go out there and start rushing the passer, but most importantly, it is just looking back at all the little details and areas of improvement. It felt good getting those sacks, but little things like run stopping, gap responsibility, alignment, technique and stuff like that is what I really focused on taking away from that game.”

  • Orchard was asked if rushing the passer was his primary responsibility.

“No doubt. It is a lot harder said than done. It is a lot of film work and a lot of preparation goes into the offseason and training camp, but at the same time, it is mano y mano and you have to have the mindset to just go get the quarterback. That is what this game is all about. That is what they pay you to do, and that is what we need to do.”

  • On playing for defensive coordinator Gregg Williams:

“Oh man, hands down the best human being I have ever been around, the most interesting man. Fun, guys love him. Everyone just gravitates towards him. He knows how to motivate us in many ways. We are just happy to have him around.”

  • Orchard compared Williams to having a second father.

“Oh, of course. Who hasn’t? (laughter) It is just like having another Pops around, but in a different way. It is good.”

Jordan Payton

  • What does Payton think about his film from the Saints preseason game on Thursday?

“Obviously, there are always things you can clean up across the board, starting with myself. Every day is a day to get better, and that is another opportunity to get better. I think that we competed really well and that we are moving in the right direction so we just have to get back after it today at practice and get to work.”

  • What’s he think about having a full offseason to prepare for 2017, and one year of experience already under his belt?

“I think that it definitely makes you think a bit and makes you think about a lot of things, but I think that it has helped me mature and grow as a player and just really lock in on what I really want, what I really want to do. It could [help]. For a minute there, you are trying to figure out everything and get your goals and what you want to accomplish straight. Going through the offseason and now training camp and preseason, I feel like my goals are straight. I want to play and I want to win.”

  • Was Payton ever concerned the Browns would not bring him back after his suspension? He was suspended for the final four games of the 2016 season for violation of the league’s policy on performance enhancing drugs.

“In those situations, you don’t know what is going to happen until it happens. I am thankful that I am still here and I am thankful that they stood behind me. It says a lot about them. For me, I have always been a loyal person in my life. I have always, if someone defended me or stood with me through anything, I will give my life to them. That is where I am right now. I just try to do everything I can for this organization, for (Head Coach) Hue (Jackson), for (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Sashi (Brown), for all of the people upstairs and obviously for those guys in the locker room.”

Check out for a full video of Payton’s comments.

JC Tretter

  • As a new member of the team, does Tretter think offensive linemen need to adjust to different running backs?

“I think you learn how different backs run, but for the most part, we know where the back is reading and we know how to block the play. His job is to feel out and have the patience to find the right hole. I think all of our backs have done a great job so far.”

  • How does he view the offensive line’s performance on Thursday night against the Saints?

“Obviously, we came out with a win, which was the first goal, but those first couple of drives, we kind of shot ourselves in the foot. We had some bad penalties that put us behind in down and distance. There are not many third-and-10-pluses that are really high percentage downs to keep the chains moving. We have to get rid of those mistakes. Once we avoided those, you saw us move the ball down the field and play fast and confident. If we get rid of those mental mistakes and those technical errors, we can be rolling a lot quicker.”

  • What’s his impression of quarterback Brock Osweiler’s performance despite only having a few days of practice with the first team?

“I think Brock did great. I think he has great command of the huddle. He knows what he is doing and gets us in the right spot. He has confidence about himself in the huddle and on the sideline. I have really enjoyed working with Brock. Obviously, we had only last week to gel together, but I think we are just going to continue to grow and work together to kind of feel each other out.”

  • With not having Joe Thomas in action, what is the difficulty of not having the full five-man offensive line lineup together during game situations?

“You miss the team reps, but the amount of time we spend in the meeting room and walkthroughs where we are able to get everyone out there because it is low contact, you have to take advantage of that time. A lot of it is just talking through things and making sure we have expectations for each other on where we are going to be on certain calls and things like that. You really have to take advantage of meeting time, walkthrough time and the times we are going to be together. The time together actually physically playing will come as training camp goes on.”

  • Does he think his offensive line, as group, is equipped to handle protecting a mobile QB?

“Yes. For us, our job is to open up holes in the run game and protect as long as we possibly can and give the quarterback as much time as possible to go through his progression and find the open receiver. It doesn’t matter who is back there, what his strengths or what his weaknesses are, those are our two objectives.”