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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Does it 8/13/17

Quarterbacks, Cam Erving, and Strategery

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Happy Sunday! Getting at it a bit early this week (because I have plans to go watch Corey Kluber mow down the Rays here in a bit) with the latest (ham-fisted) edition of Ez Does it with yours truly (that means me, for you millenials). Of course, recapping of The Most Important First Preseason Game Of Our Lifetime 2017 and what it actually means (spoiler: not much) as well as what we should expect to happen next. As with today’s article, it’s very QB-centric:

  • The real significance of starting Osweiler
  • Hue’s (I believe intentionally) murky signal-sending about the position
  • Cody Kessler’s dual significance
  • Cam Erving (yes, you likely will hate it)
  • Why preseason evaluation matters much more for Kizer than it does the others
  • Who will start each preseason game and why
  • Who I think (hope) is ultimately the opening day starter
  • Myles Garrett/Bruce Smith
  • Gratuitous solicitation for new hosts

AND MORE! On that last bullet-point, if you are ever interested in seeing if you can do AT LEAST as good (and probably better) that what you’re hearing, well then just let me know and we’ll elevate you to 1st string! Send an email to

Oh and to hear this triumph of words and recording equipment, simply click on the link at the top or bottom or (even MORE simply) click here. All complaints are appreciated in the comments’ section below.

Thanks for listening!

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