On many sides. Many sides. (Politics v. ?.?)

This has been going in our fanposts for a long time, folks, a looong time. Many people, many sides, Lego's not to blame, Bupalos is not to blame, many many people for a long long time, even though the chow is going going great, unbelievable fantastic comments there, easily the best we've ever had, Kizer, Lobster, all of that, total turnaround from the dirty dark smut sewer it was just 6 months or so ago. Unbelievable turnaround, everything good. But it's sad and bad, and we'll have to submit it to a complex study to see what's going on here that's making these many sides do the things they're doing with the many sides of things. Wouldn't want to be hasty in speech or say something that might offend anyone that likes me, have to be very, very careful. So consider this the container for mongrel topics so we can keep the blood of the chow pure and clean.

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