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Browns cornerbacks coach DeWayne Walker: Briean Boddy-Calhoun working as an inside corner

We learn about some new things that Briean Boddy-Calhoun is working on this camp, and the quiet confidence that Jamar Taylor has in himself.

Prior to Day 13 of Cleveland Browns training camp, defensive backs/cornerbacks coach DeWayne Walker talked to the media. Here is a recap of what he had to say.

DeWayne Walker

  • At the beginning of training camp, CB Jamar Taylor said in an interview that he thinks he can be a Top 5 cornerback in the NFL. Walker said that him saying that doesn’t bother him, but in order to reach that type of elite status, he needs to prove he can be very consistent and very reliable, and the only way to do that is to take things one play at a time. Overall, he doesn’t feel the statement makes Taylor come off as arrogant — he just has a quiet confidence about him.

“Not an arrogance, just a quiet confidence. The way that he works, there is no question he feels that way about himself, and that is OK because he puts the work in. Now, it is all about what you put on tape and what is the production.”

  • Second-year cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun has had a solid camp thus far, and Walker compared the motivation that he and Taylor have for the game:

“He is similar to (DB) Jamar. He is a worker and he has some intangibles. He is a football guy. He studies and he loves to play. That is the main thing – he just loves to play. When you can put all of those things together and just be consistent and not give up plays that you are not supposed to give up, then you are going to see some good plays come out of him.”

  • Walker cracked a smile when he was asked about veteran CB Jason McCourty and what he’s done here so far.

“He’s just an old soul. I just have a trust level with him, being reliable. Doing the things he's being asked to do, not trying to do too much or too less. He just understands in every defense what his responsibility is. He finds a way to get his job done for the most part.”

  • During Saturday’s practice, the Browns rested Taylor, and the Browns had McCourty taking his place with the first-team defense instead of Boddy-Calhoun. Walker said that for that day, they wanted to go with McCourty’s experience, but that doesn’t represent a lack of trust in Boddy-Calhoun.
  • When there are three receivers, and therefore three defensive backs in the game, Walker confirmed that they will always move Taylor to the inside when the outside cornerbacks are McCourty and CB Joe Haden. However, they also have some looks where Boddy-Calhoun can come in to play inside, moving Taylor to the outside. This is new for Boddy-Calhoun to get work on the inside as well as the outside, and they are trying to help him improve his consistency inside.
  • When asked about any young cornerbacks who have impressed after those top four guys, Walker didn’t name names and simply said that the jury is still out -- they need to showcase themselves during these preseason games.