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Watch Jabrill Peppers’ big hit during Browns training camp

The Browns’ first-round safety made a statement during Monday’s practice.

Day 14 of Cleveland Browns training camp was all about rookie safety Jabrill Peppers. At first, all we got to hear about was the big shot he laid on WR Rannell Hall (but to Hall’s credit, he held on to the pass). Monday evening, the Browns posted highlights of practice, including the shot that Peppers delivered to Hall, which you can see in the header above.

Head coach Hue Jackson was asked about the hit after practice. He’d rather not see their own players take those types of shots, but he knows there wasn’t any ill-intent:

“Yeah, that is football. You don’t want those, but they are going to happen. It is a live period. He was trying to get the ball out. There is no question. He wasn’t trying to hurt him. He was trying to tackle him and get him down. Sometimes that is a reflex by players. It is OK.”

Hall got up after the play and was fine.

The Browns’ overall highlight video package from the day had about 4-5 highlights of Peppers, so check that out too: