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Up Next on the DBN Network: BBB LIVE - 17 Aug/5 PM EST

BBB will be broadcasting live Thursday, 17 August at 5:00 EST/2:0 PST. We will be taking “call-in” questions/comments from any listeners who wish to join. We will also be monitoring this thread for any folks who want to post comments/thoughts on the show, or who have a proposed topic of conversation. Even if you are unable to listen live, please post your questions/comments below and Ska and I will do our best to address them.

Over the course of the broadcast, we expect to cover:

  • Joe Thomas - The Myth, the Man, the Legend
  • The Browns starting QB controversy
  • A preview of the Week 3 preseason matchup against the Giants
  • And more!

Until we get a YouTube or Twitch account, the live broadcast will be conducted through an app called “Discord”. To join the broadcast, download the app and use the following code to join our server: Cm3Xzeg

Once you make it into the server, join the “Broadcast” audio channel, and feel free to have conversation in the BBB-Chat chat room.

Please don’t be hesitant to reach out with any questions regarding this process!