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2017 Browns Bingo is Here!

Now is your chance; submit ideas for the Browns 2017 Bingo board.

In the comments, please use this article as your opportunity to submit ideas for the Cleveland Browns 2017 season.

This tradition is largely just for fun, and will become completely irrelevant when the Cleveland Browns stop being......well, the Cleveland Browns.

Some early contenders:

  • owner Jimmy Haslam indicted
  • Regular season Browns tickets on Groupon
  • Fan protests/parades announced
  • "Superfan" quits the team
  • Completely preventable PR disaster occurs
  • Colin Kaepernick starts a game for the Browns
  • Street Quarterback starts a game for the Browns
  • Josh Gordon reinstated
  • Josh Gordon suspended again
  • Fan favorite player traded

Here is the 2016 Board, for future reference. (Note, Bingo was reached, and not on the squares you’d expect!)

2016 Browns bingo board