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WATCH: Joe Thomas recites all 18 starting Browns QBs he’s blocked for

The future Hall of Fame left tackle will be featured on E:60 this Sunday.

E:60 is a newsmagazine broadcast by ESPN, and you won’t want to miss this Sunday’s edition because it will feature Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas. Here’s a great clip right off the bat, featuring Thomas as he tries to recall all 18 starting quarterbacks he’s blocked for over the past 10 seasons.

The broadcast, which airs at 9:00 AM ET, will feature Jeremy Schaap interviewing Thomas, his parents, and his wife. His loyalty to the Browns is unquestioned, and he’ll also talk about how he’s managed to “embrace the suck” when things haven’t been going well and what he’s doing to prepare for life after football. Many of you have seen The Joe Thomas Hour, which makes its way into the broadcast as an example of one of those ways Thomas keeps a healthy mental state of mind:

We also saw an advanced clip that included footage of Thomas as a child, full of boundless energy. Despite his love for Cleveland, the show will also touch on the fact that “before he gets to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in nearby Canton, there is one stop Thomas hopes to make first: the NFL postseason.” ESPN refers to Thomas as arguably the greatest player in NFL history who has never made the playoffs. That thought should tug at the heartstrings of Browns fans -- can this “new-look” Browns team stun the league and help Thomas reach the promised land?

Who is going to tune in Sunday morning?