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Scouting the Browns’ Preseason opponent: New York Giants - Our Q&A with Big Blue View

We ask about rookie quarterback Davis Webb and tight end Evan Engram, the arrival of Brandon Marshall, and more.

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, the Cleveland Browns continue their preseason at home against the New York Giants. To help preview a few topics from the Giants’ perspective, I reached out to Ed Valentine from Big Blue View and exchanged five questions with him. Enjoy!

NFL: Combine
Eli Manning (not pictured) tries to suffocate Davis Webb to prevent him from stealing his job.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Chris:Davis Webb caught the eye of some Browns fans before the draft. How has he performed for the Giants thus far, and could you envision him as a successor to Eli Manning?”

Ed: “Webb looks like a guy who has a chance, but that chance is unlikely to come for a while. Manning has at least a couple of years left. The Giants have gone very slowly with Webb, who is almost certain to be the No. 3 quarterback at the start of the season. He has gotten very few reps in practice, but he studies, has a good arm and a good attitude.”

Chris:Brandon Marshall didn't have to unpack his bags too much, moving from the Jets to the Giants. How are Giants fans viewing the tandem of Marshall-Beckham compared to other teams in the NFC?”

Ed: “Marshall-Beckham is a tandem that has Giants fans excited. Add Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram, and on paper it should be a group of receivers that scares opposing defenses.”

NFL: New York Giants-Rookie Minicamp
Who will have a better rookie season? Evan Engram or David Njoku?
William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Chris: “Evan Engram was a tight end who many Browns fans were intrigued by, but the team passed on him and went with David Njoku a few picks later. How has Engram looked in camp to date?”

Ed: “The funny part is that there were many Giants fans who were in love with Njoku and thought he was a no-brainer pick for the Giants at No. 23. Instead, they chose Engram. The guy has been really good. The Giants ask a lot of their tight ends, and he hasn't been overwhelmed. He's more of a hybrid wide receiver and not a guy who will succeed inline, but the guy can really run, he can catch the ball, threaten the seam, his routes seem good. There is nothing not to like.”

Chris: “What is the top position battle currently taking place for the Giants?”

Ed: “I would say defensive end, where the Giants have probably six guys fighting for reserve roles behind Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon.”

Chris: “Tell us about one player on offense and one player on defense who is a relative unknown, but who has turned heads in camp thus far.”

Ed: “On offense, I'd say fullback Shane Smith. The Giants did not keep a fullback on the roster last year. Smith is an undrafted free agent who loves to hit people, can catch the ball and has looked competent on special teams. Question is, can he do enough to convince the Giants they need a fullback?

On defense, it’s another undrafted free agent, linebacker Calvin Munson. His path to the roster is special teams, and he was around the ball a lot in the Giants' preseason opener.”

Thanks again to Ed for taking the time to answer my questions.