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Browns and Joe Thomas have fun with today’s solar eclipse

Be careful with those eyes, Joe!

Tourists Flock To South Carolina To See Monday's Eclipse In Full Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns and New York Giants have the honor of playing a Monday Night Football game on the day of a rare total eclipse. Even though the eclipse is around the 2:30 PM ET mark and the city of Cleveland is not in the path of totality, the team still had fun with the spectacle:

Someone on Twitter also had the gut-punch gag, asking, "What will burn more eyes today -- the Browns on MNF or the eclipse?" Fortunately, if last week was any indication, this is a much better Browns team to have on the eyes.

Adding to the fun is Browns LT Joe Thomas, who asked a meteorologist if he could wear sunglasses while staring at the eclipse.

The Browns were quick to take caution:

Even if Thomas has the night off against the Giants, we most certainly do need his eyes. Be careful to anyone partaking in the eclipse today — it might not seem like staring at a darker phenomenon with the sun concealed could be harmful, but it is.