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WATCH: Giants WR Odell Beckham takes nasty hit from Browns cornerback

It didn’t look good, but hopefully the ankle injury isn’t serious.

UPDATE: The initial diagnosis for Beckham is good, and he was seen walking the sidelines in the second half.

Original story below.

During the second quarter of the Browns-Giants preseason game, New York’s star receiver, Odell Beckham, isn’t worrying about possible eye damage from the eclipse any more. Now, all eyes are on the nasty low hit he took at the hands of Cleveland cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun.

Beckham held on for the catch but was writhing in pain. He immediately went to the back, where he was in obvious pain:

It was later reported that Beckham was being evaluated for an ankle injury and a concussion. He was cleared of the concussion, and was carted away for further testing on his ankle. Best wishes to Beckham — this is a reason why so many star players play few, if any, snaps during the preseason.