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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Does It 8/27/17

Lots Of Deshone Kizer, Among Other Thib

As with every time, I am once again honored to bring you the latest from our humble network with my post game-three offering of Ez Does It. Much is an extrapolation from my article this morning as well as some other excursions.

However, this was all done just before the official announcement that DeShone Kizer WILL in fact be our starting quarterback henceforth. This is fantastic news that I kind of alluded to being known at the time of the broadcast being heard even though Hue had waffled on it slightly in the post game presser. Tis’ good news indeed!

Here are more or less the musings after being at the game against the Buccs:

  • Kizer is legit, and well surpassed my threshold of competency needed to show he can (and should) be the starter (which of course, he now is).
  • The OL is in terrific shape and especially so with the solid play of John Greco.
  • Corey Coleman, just fantastic against Tampa Bay.
  • A great deal to be excited about with respect to the defense
  • The kicker battle
  • Money Ball
  • I haven’t been this optimistic about the direction of the team since...

I’m sure I left out plenty. Give a listen at the link above or below or just click here. Please give feedback in the comments’ section or to complain more directly: As always if you’d like to host your own program just let me know via all means. We’re always looking for new voices.

Thanks for listening!

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