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Thank you, Joe Haden — Browns fans pay respect to the man who represented Cleveland to the max

A collection of fans pay tribute to the former Browns cornerback.

2010 NFL Draft Round 1 Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Wednesday morning, the Cleveland Browns announced the release of cornerback Joe Haden, who was the team’s second-longest tenured player behind left tackle Joe Thomas.

While many fans will debate the decision and where he ends up next, I asked Browns fans earlier today to leave us with some of your favorite memories of Haden since the team made him the No. 7 overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft. There is no doubt that Haden was all-in when it came to representing Cleveland.

Joe Haden’s Goodbye on Social Media

“I would first like to take the time to thank the Browns fans all around the world from the bottom of my heart for making Cleveland a happy home for me for the past seven years. I want to also thank my coaches, the organization, and especially my teammates who have become family. My God doesn't make mistakes and I know the future is bright.”

Browns Fans Pay Tribute With Their Favorite Haden Memories

We’ll start with his generosity off-the-field and his never-dying attitude to embrace Cleveland fans.

@TenCentBeers went on to add, "But Haden started asking about me, what I did, etc. Leaned in to hear me over the music. Just seemed so genuinely interested and polite. Most pro athletes would just brush off fan encounters like that because they (understandably!) want some privacy/normalcy with their friends. But he took the time to really try to make a human connection with a stranger, and that effort/encounter always stuck with me.

But there were also a lot of on-the-field memories.

And lastly, some fans who have paid homage to Haden over the years through their beloved pets or memorabilia: