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Cleveland Browns’ Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: BBB 8/31/17

Robo & Ska Discuss Haden’s Release, Cam Erving Trade, Haden To Steelers

Yesterday was quite the joyride for those of us that pay close attention to our beloved Cleveland Browns. As you are no doubt aware, first we released Joe Haden, then traded Cam Erving to the Chiefs, and then Haden signed with Pittsburgh. That’s a lot to digest in one sitting, which is why this is now the third installment from The DBN Network since all of this started yesterday.

This is the first, however, from our friends Robo Dawg & Ska.t73. This episode of course is focusing on those three huge events, what they mean for the club in the short term and long term, and the emotional impact of each item.

Of course, there’s also the final preseason game coming up tonight, as well as looking back at the last one (Saturday in Tampa). To listen you can use the player located at the top of this page, or the other player in between the article and comments’ section, or just be clicking here.

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