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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Recap: Day 8 - Orange & Brown Scrimmage

A full play-by-play breakdown of the Cleveland Browns’ scrimmage on Friday.

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report - Day 8 (8/4/17)

Rosters: These were the rosters for the Brown Team and the White Team.

  • Brown Team = first-team offense & first-team defense (39 players)
  • White Team = second-team offense & second-team defense (40 players)
  • Special Teams = K, P, LS played for both teams (4 players)
Pos Brown Team White Team
QB Cody Kessler
DeShone Kizer
Brock Osweiler
Kevin Hogan
RB Isaiah Crowell
Duke Johnson
Matthew Dayes
Brandon Wilds
Terrence Magee
FB Danny Vitale
WR Kenny Britt
Corey Coleman
Ricardo Louis
Rishard Higgins
Josh Boyce
Rannell Hall
Mario Alford
Jordan Payton
Jordan Leslie
Richard Mullaney
TE David Njoku
Seth DeValve
Randall Telfer
Taylor McNamara
J.P. Holtz
OL Joe Thomas
Joel Bitonio
J.C. Tretter
Kevin Zeitler
Shon Coleman
Cameron Erving
Marcus Martin
John Greco
Spencer Drango
Rod Johnson
Anthony Fabiano
Austin Reiter
Kitt O'Brien
Matt McCants
Zach Sterup
DL Myles Garrett
Danny Shelton
Emmanuel Ogbah
Desmond Bryant
Jamie Meder
Cam Johnson
Larry Ogunjobi
Carl Nassib
Nate Orchard
Xavier Cooper
Tyrone Holmes
Karter Schult
Trevon Coley
MLB Tank Carder
Joe Schobert
Dominique Alexander
Kenneth Olugbode
James Burgess
OLB Jamie Collins
Christian Kirksey
Deon King
Ladell Fleming
B.J. Bello
S Jabrill Peppers
Derrick Kindred
Ibraheim Campbell
Calvin Pryor
Kai Nacua
Trey Caldwell
Justin Currie
CB Joe Haden
Jamar Taylor
Jason McCourty
Briean Boddy-Calhoun
Channing Stribling
J.D. Harmon
Alvin Hill
Darius Hillary
Najee Murray
ST Both Teams:
Cody Parkey
Zane Gonzalez
Britton Colquitt
Charley Hughlett
WR James Wright
OL Gabe Ikard
DL Caleb Brantley
DL Jamal Marcus
S Ed Reynolds
CB Marcus Burley

Format: The weather ended up being beautiful for the scrimmage, with the massive downpours having stopped around 3:00 PM. When practice started at 5:00 PM, the team began with pre-game stretching and warm-up drills, followed by heading back into the locker room so they could come out onto the field and do the coin toss to simulate the feel of a real game.

LT Joe Thomas was the captain for the Brown Team and QB Brock Osweiler was the captain for the White Team. They went out for the coin toss -- Osweiler picked tails, and that’s how the coin landed, so they chose to receive.

No Offensive Touchdowns: Before we get into more details, a little bit of a spoiler alert: there were zero touchdowns scored in 12 drives by the quarterbacks.

1st Drive - QB Brock Osweiler: WR Mario Alford had a nice-looking kick return for a touchdown, but the ball was spotted at the 25 yard line so a full drive could get in. According to Andrew Gribble of, when the defense began with three defensive backs, they had CB Joe Haden and CB Jason McCourty as the outside corners, with CB Jamar Taylor in the slot.

  • 1st-and-10: Osweiler began the drive by hitting WR Rannell Hall on a 6-yard slant with OLB Jamie Collins making the tackle.
  • 2nd-and-4: WR Jordan Payton was motioned from left to right. Osweiler, out of Shotgun, fakes the draw, and then turns to his right to hit Payton on a pass at the line of scrimmage. He gets upfield for a gain of about 5 yards and a first down as CB Jason McCourty and CB Jamar Taylor combine on the tackle.
  • 1st-and-10: From Shotgun, Osweiler dumps the ball off to RB Terrance Magee right over the middle for a gain of about 8 yards, with OLB Jamie Collins and OLB Chris Kirksey combining for the tackle. He walked off the field with trainers, holding his leg, and did not return. Don’t worry, though! After practice, head coach Hue Jackson said he is fine, and could have returned if it were a real game.
  • 2nd-and-2: Magee gets the handoff, bounces to his right, and is taken down on the edge by CB Joe Haden. On top of that, a 10-yard holding penalty was called.
  • 2nd-and-12: Again from Shotgun, Osweiler tries to hit WR Jordan Leslie, but the throw goes behind him. It sounded like Osweiler wanted Leslie to sit down in the zone coverage soft spot, but Leslie kept going.
  • 3rd-and-12: The starting safeties were noted as being Derrick Kindred and Ibraheim Campbell during this series. The Browns only brought a four-man rush, and Osweiler checked it down to TE Taylor McNamara for a gain of about 3 yards as CB Jason McCourty made the tackle and DT Desmond Bryant brought some pressure up the middle.
  • 4th-and-9: P Britton Colquitt punted with SS Jabrill Peppers fair catching it around the 15 yard line.

2nd Drive - QB Cody Kessler: Remember that this series now sees the first-team offense vs. the second-team defense. Starting at right tackle was Shon Coleman. Also, because DE Myles Garrett is on the Brown (starters) team, he did not go up against LT Joe Thomas.

  • 1st-and-10: Unlike with Osweiler, the Browns begin Kessler’s drive under center with a two-tight-end set. The first play is handed off to RB Isaiah Crowell, who takes it to the left but is stopped for no gain by DE Tyrone Holmes, with MLB James Burgess also in the mix.
  • 2nd-and-10: The ball is handed off to Crowell again. He tries to stretch it to the right edge and get to the sideline, but the defense is there to run him out for no gain.
  • 3rd-and-10: Kessler shifts the formation to Shotgun with three receivers, including RB Duke Johnson in the slot. After taking the snap, he goes to TE David Njoku on the left side, but he’s tackled immediately after a gain of 6 yards. It’s a three-and-out for the first-team offense, as Burgess was again in on the tackle.
  • 4th-and-4: WR Mario Alford is back to receive the punt, but he muffs it as he misjudged its distance! CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun dives at the ball and appears to have it, but as he’s rolls over with the ball, it pops into the air and right into the arms of Alford’s teammate, CB Darius Hillary.

3rd Drive - QB Kevin Hogan: Now we’re back to the second-team offense, now led by Hogan.

  • 1st-and-10: LB Joe Schobert comes free off the right tackle side, but the pass is a wide receiver screen to that side. WR Rannell Hall makes the catch but is immediately cut down by CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun and SS Ibraheim Campbell.
  • 2nd-and-9: The Browns do a running play with RB Brandon Wilds a pulling left guard and tight end. It goes no where, though, as DE Cam Johnson and SS Ibraheim Campbell are right there, with DT Danny Shelton also helping to finish the play for about no gain. The TV guys noted that rookie Jabrill Peppers was in the single-high safety.
  • 3rd-and-8: This was the start of the ‘second quarter.’ The four defensive linemen were Myles Garrett (on the left side), Jamie Meder, Danny Shelton, and Cam Johnson. From Shotgun, Hogan can’t find anyone, and before long, RT Matt McCants can’t contain Garrett, who gets a hand on Hogan for the touch sack. At the same time, LT Rod Johnson was holding (Cam) Johnson, otherwise that could’ve been a sack too.
  • 4th-and-long: Punting from his own end zone, Colquitt puts the ball near the sideline, but SS Jabrill Peppers shows off his speed and vision by taking it back to the middle before he’s stopped with the two-hand touch rule.

4th Drive - QB DeShone Kizer: Now, the moment everyone was waiting for — the first-team offensive line was still in tact.

  • 1st-and-10: Starting from Shotgun, Kizer threw a bit of a wobbler out to the right sideline for WR Ricardo Louis. It looked to be broken up by CB Channing Stribling, but the officials called defensive pass interference.
  • 1st-and-10: Leave it to Hue Jackson to try a trick play in the scrimmage. Kizer faked the handoff to RB Isaiah Crowell from under center, and then flipped it to WR Corey Coleman on the end around. Coleman’s left-handed throw came up well short and was picked off by CB J.D. Harmon; I couldn’t make out who the intended receiver was for sure, but I think it’s WR Kenny Britt.

5th Drive - QB Brock Osweiler: Let’s see if either team can sustain a drive, shall we?

  • 1st-and-10: Osweiler is in Shotgun with a split back set. He fakes a handoff to the right back, and the left back (TE J.P. Holtz) going to the right sideline, gets the quick pass for a gain of about 7 yards before being tackled by MLB Dominique Alexander.
  • 2nd-and-3: The pitch goes to the running back right side, but another holding penalty is called.
  • 2nd-and-13: There appeared to be some communication issue with the sideline, as Osweiler eventually just waved off the sideline to call his own play. CB Jamar Taylor brought a blitz and DL Desmond Bryant dropped back. Osweiler read the play well and hit WR Jordan Leslie off the left side for about an 10-yard gain.
  • 3rd-and-3: With the defense showing blitz, Osweiler doesn’t waste time and tries to air a sideline route downfield to WR Rannell Hall. He appears in position to make a play, but gets his feet tangled with the defensive back and falls down. There was a hold on C Anthony Fabiano on DL Desmond Bryant anyway. The penalty was declined, forcing another punt.
  • 4th-and-3: Colquitt punts and SS Jabrill Peppers fair catches it.

6th Drive - QB Cody Kessler: Back to the first-team offense, and LT Joe Thomas is still playing.

  • 1st-and-10: RB Matthew Dayes gets the first carry from I-formation (Danny Vitale at fullback), picking up four yards off the right side.
  • 2nd-and-6: Another handoff goes to Dayes up the middle, this time for a gain of 2 yards.
  • 3rd-and-4: After huddling, the offense hurries to the line of scrimmage and quick snaps it from under center. Kessler again hands off to Dayes, who makes a good move to his left to pick up 6-yard gain for a first down.
  • 1st-and-10: Still under center, TE Seth DeValve commits a false start.
  • 1st-and-15: Someone else false starts and Kessler turns around in frustration, throwing his arms in the air.
  • 1st-and-20: Now from Shotgun, Kessler hits WR Corey Coleman on a crossing route for a 9 yard gain, with OLB Deon King and MLB B.J. Bello in on the tackle.
  • 2nd-and-11: Kessler playfakes to the running back. Pressure comes off his right side from DE Tyrone Holmes, but Kessler sees WR Josh Boyce crossing from right to left. It’s a 20-yard throw at the sideline, but just misses Boyce’s outstretched hand with DB Trey Caldwell in coverage.
  • 3rd-and-11: In Shotgun, Kessler has RB Duke Johnson to his left and TE Seth DeValve to his right as split backs. They stay in for max protection, allowing Kessler to step up and hit WR Corey Coleman on a comeback route on the left hash for about 15 yards and a first down, with CB Trey Caldwell in coverage.
  • 1st-and-10: The offense is fighting against the clock, so they are trying to hurry things up. Kessler doesn’t like what he sees out of Shotgun and takes off up the middle, but is touched down after a gain of about 1 yard.
  • 2nd-and-9: Kessler steps up in the pocket, looking like he’s going to run again, before pulling up and throwing to a camped out WR Ricardo Louis down the right sideline. However, it developed too late, and S Kai Nacua was able to get over and break up the pass.
  • 3rd-and-9: CB Najee Murray comes on a corner blitz and is credited with the touch sack on Kessler. Had the sack not been called, Kessler completed a first down sideline pass to WR Josh Boyce.
  • 4th-and-long: Colquitt punts to WR Mario Alford, who fields it at the 8 yard line and runs it back to around the 22 yard line.

7th Drive - QB Brock Osweiler: Technically, the ‘first half’ should have been over, but head coach Hue Jackson called for a special two-minute drive to end the half with Osweiler in charge.

  • 1st-and-10: With five wide receivers, Osweiler quickly hits WR Jordan Leslie to his left for a 7-yard gain as CB Jason McCourty makes the bang-bang hit.
  • 2nd-and-3: Remember, we’re in hurry-up mode here. Osweiler again makes a quick decision and appears to have a new best friend, as he fires a perfect 20-yard pass against Cover-2 to Leslie on the sideline.
  • 1st-and-10: Osweiler again goes to Leslie, this time to the right side, as he’s wide open for a catch-and-run as there was some confusion by the defense. 42 yards in 3 plays.
  • 1st-and-10: With pressure coming, Osweiler threw the ball deep out of the end zone, in the vicinity of CB Joe Haden having coverage on WR Jordan Payton.
  • 2nd-and-10: MLB Dominique Alexander and CB Joe Haden both come on the blitz, and the backup offensive line can’t pick it up this time as Alexander is credited with the touch sack. Timeout by Osweiler.
  • 3rd-and-long: Osweiler sees pressure around the edge, so he tucks it and runs up the middle to set up a 39-yard field goal attempt.
  • 4th-and-long: Rookie K Zane Gonzalez makes the field goal. A delay of game was called, but some confusion ensued, and they just re-kicked it from 39 yards again, which was good too. That made it a 9-0 game, with the White Team on top, heading to the half.

8th Drive - QB DeShone Kizer: Starting the second half, K Zane Gonzalez booms the kickoff 10 yards out of the end zone, hitting a security guard in the process. SS Jabrill Peppers would have been the return man. Kizer starts the second half after not technically throwing a single pass in the first half, which seems like a waste. Offensive line changes for the first-team now include Cam Erving going to LT and Marcus Martin at RG.

  • 1st-and-10: At last, something to cheer for! RB Isaiah Crowell rips off a huge 37-yard run to begin the second half. There was a big hole on the left side, and then Crowell made two defenders miss before being off to the races. Erving and FB Danny Vitale did a nice job opening up that left side initially, as you can see below. That final missed tackle was by S Calvin Pryor (another angle of the run is here).
  • 1st-and-10: With RB Duke Johnson in the slot, QB DeShone Kizer starts to roll to the left and eventually throws it out (~10 yards) to a diving Johnson, but the pass falls incomplete.
  • 2nd-and-10: Kizer looks left and fakes a swing pass. FB Danny Vitale was initially a blocking back, but he leaks out to the right and Kizer floats the screen pass to him. Vitale is wide open and gets downfield for about a 25-30 yard gain. However, a hold was called on RT Shon Coleman, as he grabbed DE Carl Nassib just before Kizer got the screen pass off.
  • 2nd-and-20: Kizer from Shotgun looks to his left, doesn’t find anyone, and then checks it down to RB Isaiah Crowell short on the right sideline. CB Channing Stribling makes the tackle, and Kizer’s first non-penalty completion goes for a loss of 3 yards.
  • 3rd-and-23: TE Seth DeValve was running a route down the middle backpedaling with a defender on his back, and then MLB James Burgess right in front of him with his back to the ball. It was a sandwich. DeValve tried to reach for the ball, but Burgess contested it well with his hand, and then CB J.D. Harmon laid a hit on DeValve. Both defenders did a good job not interfering with the tight end.
  • 4th-and-23: Colquitt punts and WR Rannell Hall fields it in traffic for a 5 yard gain.

9th Drive - QB Kevin Hogan: Second drive of the half, and Hogan’s second drive of the game.

  • 1st-and-10: Hogan’s drive begins with a pass to TE J.P. Holtz up the middle for 5 yards, as MLB Dominique Alexander makes the tackle.
  • 2nd-and-5: The handoff out of Shotgun goes to RB Terrence Magee, who gains 1 yard.
  • 3rd-and-4: Hogan hits TE J.P. Holtz on a quick out route. S Ibraheim Campbell is there for the immediate tackle, but Holtz got the 4 yards needed for a first down. It was noted that DE Myles Garrett pulled up on this play; he might not have had a sack, but could’ve gotten a QB hit, beating OL Zach Sterup.
  • 1st-and-10: The handoff goes to Magee up the middle for a gain of 2 yards.
  • 2nd-and-8: The handoff now goes to RB Brandon Wilds, left side, for about 1 yard before DT Jamie Meder takes him down.
  • 3rd-and-7: Hogan tries to hit WR Jordan Leslie on the quick slant. CB Jason McCourty plays a part in the ball deflecting off of one them for an incompletion, but he’s flagged for not getting his head around and making contact with the offensive player. Also of note: from what I can tell, it appears that Hogan’s long release is no where near as bad as it was a year ago.
  • 1st-and-10: Off of a playaction fake, the Browns ran stutter-and-go routes on both sides of the field. Hogan looked at each one, but they were covered. After seeing the second guy was covered, Hogan looked down and saw MLB Tank Carder literally standing an inch in front of him, tapping him for the touch sack. In other words, if that is a real game, Hogan might not be able to breathe with the free shot Carder would’ve had.
  • 2nd-and-16: Despite the down and distance, Hogan again finds TE J.P. Holtz up the middle and dumps it off to him...for a first down! It’s nothing fancy, and throws wide open over the middle are as easy as it gets for a QB.
  • 1st-and-10: From Shotgun, the handoff goes to RB Brandon Wilds around the right side, but MLB Joe Schobert knifes in and stops him for a loss of 2 yards.
  • 2nd-and-12: In Shotgun, DE Myles Garrett, now on the right side against LT Rod Johnson, dips his shoulder and immediately beats him. He is credited with the touch sack, just as Hogan throws it down the right sideline, where CB Jamar Taylor picked off an underthrown ball. The sack counts, not the interception.
  • 3rd-and-long: DE Myles Garrett really could’ve had another sack here, as he has both hands on the quarterback as Hogan is releasing the pass. They allow the play to continue, and it goes to WR Jordan Payton on a low line drive pass 25 yards down field between three defenders. Somehow, Payton catches it, and gets yards after the catch for a 43-yard gain.
  • 1st-and-goal: The Browns are as close to the end zone as they’ve been all day. Magee gets the handoff and gains half the distance to the 5 yard line.
  • 2nd-and-goal: The ball is pitched to Magee for a loss of about 2 yards, as MLB Dominique Alexander makes the stop.
  • 3rd-and-goal: Hogan looks to the end zone, can’t find anyone, and then throws it to TE J.P. Holtz along the right side at the 5 yard line. SS Jabrill Peppers is glued to him and makes the tackle to prevent the touchdown.
  • 4th-and-goal: K Zane Gonzalez connects from 22 yards and is good, making it a 12-0 game.

10th Drive - QB Cody Kessler: This is Kessler’s final drive. They decided not to do the kickoff this time.

  • 1st-and-10: Starting in Shotgun, Kessler dumps the ball off to TE Seth DeValve over the middle for a gain of 5 yards, where he’s tackled by LB B.J. Bello.
  • 2nd-and-5: The carry goes to RB Matthew Dayes, who makes a move off the penetrating DL Xavier Cooper before being met in the gap by DB Justin Currie for a short gain.
  • 3rd-and-3: Kessler hit WR Kenny Britt on a short pass that would’ve moved the chains, but OLB Deon King had already stopped in front of Kessler before the pass was thrown, so he’s given credit for the touch sack. Another three-and-out for Kessler.
  • 4th-and-7: Colquitt punts, WR Rannell Hall fields it, and MLB Joe Schobert makes the tackle.

11th Drive - QB Brock Osweiler: This is Osweiler’s final drive.

  • 1st-and-10: We see Osweiler under center for once, handing off to RB Brandon Wilds. OLB Jamie Collins has seen enough of this and comes up to stuff Wilds for a loss of 1 yard.
  • 2nd-and-11: Under center, Osweiler playfakes to the running back. When he turns around, SS Jabrill Peppers is coming in hot right in his face. Osweiler gets off a good lofting throw to TE J.P. Holtz, who can’t quite haul the ball in as MLB Tank Carder tackles him for an incomplete pass.
  • 3rd-and-11: Timeout by Osweiler. A little stutter step route, and then the out, by TE J.P. Holtz allows him to beat the man coverage by MLB Tank Carder for a first down.
  • 1st-and-10: The handoff goes to RB Brandon Wilds, who is tripped up after a gain of 4 yards by DE Cam Johnson and MLB Tank Carder.
  • 2nd-and-6: Osweiler tries to hit a one-on-one pass on the left side, but it sails over the receiver with CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun in coverage. BBC is called for defensive holding, though, leading to a first down.
  • 1st-and-10: RB Brandon Wilds gets the handoff right up the middle for a gain of 7 yards.
  • 2nd-and-3: Wilds gets another carry up the middle for a gain of 6 yards and another first down.
  • 1st-and-10: More work for Wilds, this time for a gain of 2 yards.
  • 2nd-and-8: Off of a playfake, Osweiler tries to go to WR Rannell Hall in the right corner of the end zone, but CB Joe Haden is right there and almost had the interception.
  • 3rd-and-8: Osweiler goes back to his favorite receiver, WR Jordan Leslie, but the ball is behind him and he takes a shot from SS Jabrill Peppers. That will lead to a 40-yard field goal attempt.
  • 4th-and-8: Since the rookie kicker has gotten in on all the fun so far, now it’s K Cody Parkey’s turn, and he connects from 40 yards to make it a 15-0 game.

12th Drive - QB DeShone Kizer: This is the final drive of the entire scrimmage, and it’s a four-minute drill. Can Kizer avoid the shutout?

  • 1st-and-10: RB Matthew Dayes picks up the blitz, and Kizer makes a good strong throw to WR Josh Boyce on the right sideline for about 15 yards.
  • 1st-and-10: Dayes gets the handoff for a gain of 5 yards.
  • 2nd-and-5: Kizer takes the snap, feels pressure, shifts to the right in the pocket, and airs it out deep down the right sideline for WR Ricardo Louis. However, he’s really not that close in connecting with him, as the pass basically goes out of bounds.
  • 3rd-and-5: Delay of game. For practice purposes, they re-do the scenario.
  • 3rd-and-10: Kizer pump fakes out of Shotgun, and then takes off up the middle for a first down.
  • 1st-and-10: Another pump fake from Kizer to the right, and then he checks it down to RB Matthew Dayes going from right to left for a gain of 6 yards.
  • 2nd-and-4: Kizer surveys the field and then goes to the short right sideline for RB Duke Johnson, who ran the out route, for a 5 yard gain and a first down.
  • 1st-and-10: RB Duke Johnson beats the defense on a post route over the middle in the end zone, but Kizer throws the pass too tall and over his head. That’s one that killed Kizer in his post-game presser.
  • 2nd-and-10: Pressure comes, Kizer steps up, and throws to the left sideline for WR Ricardo Louis, but the pass is out of bounds. DT Larry Ogunjobi had the initial pressure, which he’s done a couple times now.
  • 3rd-and-10: LB Kenneth Olugbode had the sack right in front of Kizer, but the officials did him dirty by not calling anything. Kizer then dumped a pass over the middle to Dayes for a ‘first down,’ which I would protest.
  • 1st-and-10: Kizer checks it down to Dayes for a gain of about 4 yards.
  • 2nd-and-7: WR Corey Coleman is open over the middle at the goal line, but the pass by Kizer is well high to where S Calvin Pryor contests it. Better ball placement, and that could’ve been a touchdown.
  • 3rd-and-7: Kizer floats a pass to Dayes, but CB Najee Murray gets him down quickly.
  • 4th-and-5: Instead of kicking a field goal to avoid the shutout, they are going for it. Timeout. When we return, Kizer pumps, rolls to his left, then throws across the field to the middle of the end zone. Yes, a receiver was there open, but the pass is inaccurate and should’ve been picked by S Calvin Pryor, had a pick meant anything there.

Brownies: That’s it for the scrimmage. This wasn’t your typical practice recap, as I decided to go play-by-play and see what happened. You might be able to re-watch the stream here.

Overall, the quarterbacks didn’t have their best days, but we can’t read too much into this because quarterbacks are alternating and not getting into a full rhythm. Based on quick judgments, I can say that QB Brock Osweiler had the second-unit offensive line to work with, but looked the closest to an NFL-caliber quarterback.

QB Cody Kessler showed me much of the same -- a lot of short passes that can really only add up if the running game and defense are solid. QB DeShone Kizer had some good, but some bad — still enough in the middle to where I’d hope to see some more growth over the next few weeks. Osweiler’s consistent work with the second-team offense in camp might have helped him (remember, Kessler and Kizer keep rotating with the ones). QB Kevin Hogan actually looked like the second-best quarterback on this day until his interception (nullified by a sack).

There were a lot more players that stood out defensively, including DE Myles Garrett, LB James Burgess, LB Joe Schobert, CB Joe Haden, and CB J.D. Harmon. We also got a taste of how SS Jabrill Peppers will be used, and I like that pressure can come from anyone and anywhere on this defense.

Offensively, WR Jordan Leslie and TE J.P. Holtz caught the most passes, but I can’t put too much weight into scrimmage dumpoffs. Shon Coleman got the right tackle reps with the first team, and FB Danny Vitale had some good blocks in the running game and a great catch-and-run screen pass that was negated off of a hold.

WR Mario Alford had a kick return for a touchdown, but muffed a punt. SS Jabrill Peppers showed off some of his speed as a punt returner. I’d still like to see Alford be the kick returner, and Peppers the punt returner.

Next Up: The Browns will be back in Berea on Saturday with an earlier start time -- 2:30 PM to 4:35 PM. I will cover the post-presser stuff from the Orange & Brown Scrimmage Saturday morning.