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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Straight No Chaser, Scrimmage Edition*The DBN Network

PRE-TAPED From The Masthead Brewery, With Special Guests Kentucky Steve & Pingpong Tony

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Once more our brother Thelonius7 continues his excellent coverage of The Most Important Training Camp Of Our Lifetimes 2017 with some snapshot analysis of yesterday’s Orange & Brown scrimmage. As with the previous iterations, Thelonius isn’t alone, but this time he has a veritable panel, as for the first (announced) time: Kentucky Steve and Ping Pong Tony join with their musings, which are (among other things):

  • Drinks choices (with appropriate shoutout to BBB)
  • Defense flourishing early
  • Cod continues to hold the ball too long
  • Myles Garrett :)
  • Danny Shelton
  • Jabril Peppers playing FS
  • Rookie DB J.D. Harmon (made some noise!)
  • Jordan Leslie (working well with Brock Lobster)
  • Jason McCourty
  • J.P. Holtz standing out
  • Kai Nacua
  • Joe Schobert
  • Christian Kirksey’s (thankfully not very serious looking) injury
  • Matt Dayes
  • Kessler “underwhelming” (“Hogan looked better”)
  • Kizer inconsistent
  • Lobster is the consensus #1 QB based on scrimmage performance

You can listen either by clicking the player at the top or bottom of the article, or by simply going here. I think that you’ll agree that the ambiance of the brewery setting is perfectly in line with the sort of broadcast standards you’ve come to expect from The DBN Network.

Speaking of which (as always) if you’d like to do your own program (or complain generally about anything) hit me up at

Thanks for listening!

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