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A Second Look At Brock Osweiler - Ez Like Sunday Morning 8/6/17

Is Him Actually Starting For Cleveland A Thing?

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Training Camp Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

As the dust settled on The Most Important Scrimmage Of Our Lifetime 2017, it was clear to anyone with eyes that Brock Osweiler has emerged as the Browns new starting Quarterback. Now some (read: all) of that may be a bit hyperbowlic on my part, but I’m just having some fun with the season. I remember Josh Lenz being the star of the scrimmage in 2015, and to date he is still available if we want him.

Kidding aside, the idea of Osweiler actually becoming the starter is one that is slowly setting-in among Browns’ fans who may have otherwise assumed he was just a throw-in to the Houston pick-selling scheme, as Sashi Brown kind of immediately hinted at. It’s never been terribly far-fetched in my mind as much as I’ve just not wanted to explore the possibilities. I know he’s comfortable being judged by the gametape in 2016 but I’m more than a bit hesitant - especially when his team paid us a 2nd round pick just to unload his contract.

Still, despite being bronze, it’s not for nothing that he is an experienced NFL veteran, who’s really really (and I mean really) tall. He’s got a great arm and all that. In a pared-down offense with a strong running game, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Osweiler could quarterback us to more wins than we’re used - maybe even a winning record. Doesn’t seem to far-fetched actually.

Recently Browns play-by-play man Jimmy Donovan sat down to talk with Osweiler, which you can see in entirety here:

Some interesting tidbits:

“...being around Peyton on a daily basis, the education that I received was second to none, and that was something that I was very sure to never waste a single day when I was around Peyton, because I knew that this opportunity wasn’t going to last forever, and the knowledge that he would, you know, spit out on a daily basis if you will, is knowledge that you can’t get everywhere. So I was sure take every note, I was very focused every single day because ultimately when I did get my chance I wanted to be able to make the most of it and be there to help my football team win games”

It is worth noting that he did get a LOT of first hand training from one of the best ever. Obviously that doesn’t translate to anything necessarily (certainly didn’t last year) but maybe it’s the kind of stuff that’s only really useful once you get all the growing pains out of the way.

Here he is sounding like me:

“I think when a quarterback can find himself in the same system for multiple years back to back to back to back, that’s when you really start seeing a quarterback play really well. You know this in three years now my third system - third different system, however this system has certain similarities to the system I that ran with Gary Kubiak in Denver in 2015. They’re not identical by any means - different verbiage, but similar principles so that helped me get a little bit of a jump on the offense, but needless to say I still had a lot to learn when I first arrived”

Here he talks about coming to Cleveland:

“When the trade went through, and I really did my research on the Cleveland Browns and their organization, I tell you what I was ecstatic. And that hasn’t changed at all. I love coming to work here I LOVE being a Cleveland Brown”

Ok well what else is the guy going to say, right? Watch it for yourself and determine if you think he’s sincere or not. Looks pretty legit to me, and while it doesn’t make him any better at playing quarterback it’s still good to hear the positivity.

I would prefer we just start DeShone Kizer, but I know that possibility is somewhat remote. So past that, a big, sturdy guy that might break our 15 year streak of not having the same QB start every game sounds pretty attractive.

What do you think?


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