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Corey Coleman will not be charged in downtown Cleveland attack case

Corey Coleman’s brother, Jonathan Coleman, and his roommate Jared Floyd, both from Dallas, were previously charged in connection to the Dec. 31 attack.

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Cleveland Browns wide receiver Corey Coleman will not be charged in connection with an attack on a 26-year-old Mayfield Heights man on December 31, 2016, at the downtown Cleveland condominium complex where Coleman lives.

According to’s Adam Ferrise, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O'Malley said in a statement on Tuesday that Coleman was ruled out as a suspect due to DNA evidence tested by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office.

"The investigation into this felonious assault has failed to produce sufficient evidence that Corey Coleman was a participant," O'Malley said in his statement, per Ferrise.

Coleman’s brother, Jonathan Coleman, and his roommate Jared Floyd, both of Dallas, Texas, were both indicted on June 20 of this year. It was believed the investigation into Coleman was ongoing, even after he wasn’t indicted with his brother and Floyd, as we previously reported. An eye-witness account and an initial probable cause affidavit both named Corey Coleman as a participant in the attack that left the victim bloody, unconscious and with a burst eardrum.

Coleman was also spotted by a security camera with his brother and Floyd following the victim after a scuffle near the elevator, presumably moments before the beating took place.

This latest news clears Coleman legally of his involvement in the attack, and his head coach hopes it will be a learning experience for his young player.

“We needed to move beyond that and getting to play football, which he has been,” Browns head coach Hue Jackson said after Tuesday’s practice. “Hopefully, there were some lessons learned in that situation.”

What exactly can Coleman learn from this? No matter what happened that night, he should be more careful with the company he keeps and situations he puts himself in. He should understand that making it to the NFL is an immeasurable accomplishment, and he should avoid ruining it with foolish transgressions off the field.

That’s not too hard to understand.